1. First idea came over my head sometime in the summer of 2008 while I was driving around with my 8 years old son. At that time I was driving an old Velorex trike, the legend in Czech automotive history, says Mr. Pavel Brida, spiritual father of new Velor-x-trike. To drive 60 years old trike in today's traffic and today's roads can be problematic or even dangerous, so I decided to change some things on the vehicle. To re-build 60 years old vehicle, install modern and powerful engine into the rest of the old vehicle is itself already a non-sense from the start, because to combine old suspension, light tube frame and old brakes with new and modern engine from 21st century is not the right way to do. That's why I came with a major managerial decision to re-build the older model and make it absolutely a new vehicle - new frame, new brakes, new suspension, new engine and just new everything! Even though it will be now a new vehicle, it must also look just like the old one! So to make it possible we kept the basic shape of the old trike and we also kept some specific shaping in details like the upper line of doors, tank in front, motorcycle engine in the back, air take-in holes on back side panels, transmission through chain to rear wheel. Although it looks like the old trike it is designed as an absolutely modern and exclusive vehicle! We created regular retro trike for 21st century - 60 years after the original one was created.

2. September 2009 - Start of work- Just two people - Together with Mr. Pavel Pilous from Kemling-design.Co we started to realize and then create our dream and with unlimited material support from Member Ltd. Co. Without this, the project could not have been done within 6 moths. Thanx guys.

3. This project including marketing was financially and privately covered only by Motoscoot a.s. and also private money of Mr. Brida. There were no money from any funds or even state support.

4. The whole project was done in time from September 2009 to March 2010! It was presented at Motosalon ( bike expo ) in Brno,CZ- on the 10th of March 2010. We promised to the world through media a fully functional prototype of new trike within 6 months and we kept our promise. The world premiere was on Motosalon expo on booth of Motoscoot a.s.. The top moment of the presentation was a visit of Mr. Mojmir Stransky! He is the man who designed and fabricated the old legend Velorex in 1950 - 60 years ago. His signature on left front fender was a logical closing of cycle and an official start of a new Velor-x-trike coming to life. Twenty-first century has now a new legend!

5. The old Velorex was a cheap vehicle made for public widely, but our main target was not to create vehicle like that, but to create a very exclusive and original trike - custom made. We are not living in the 50´s anymore, the last century when after 2nd world war were there was not enough vehicles for public widely and every new, easy and cheap vehicle was welcome. We now live in an age of huge series of cheap made vehicles from far East or east Europe and we really are not able to compete with them. Why should we create and add more to already long line of cheap vehicles and join easy car producers? How much a brand new trike should cost to be competitive? Another average vehicle in a gray area? We decided to go a different way, our own way. Paid with our own money and with high level of exclusivity equal to most known CZ automotive legend. Every single vehicle will be hand and custom made and there will be no serial production. All will be done by customers wishes and needs and set for each individuality, i.e. height & body measurements. The total number of Velor-x-trikes will be 60 pieces - parallel to 60th anniversary. Every single trike will be assigned with a serial number from 1/60 up to 60/60 with the name of the customer and possible other important information, if the customer wishes to. This plate will be placed on the dashboard visible from outside. Every single new Velor-x-trike will be original and there will never be no two alike. Years of production is planned and we will be making from 6 to 10 pieces (a year?) This vehicle is not for everyone. From collectors point of view? Good object!

6. Besides this main philosophy of exclusivity we are also still thinking about making a public version. Maybe with an electromotive? Who knows. At this moment, this is the music of the future.

This summary about why and how we created the new trike is a personal note and an idea of Mr. Pavel Brida, a spiritual father of the Velor-x-trike.